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This is my front page!

I have made pages on which to publish:
· Songs
· Writing
· Drawing

(See the links at the top.) The songs are all together on one page. Most of the pieces of writing have their own pages but I haven't typed them out to upload yet. (I still write on paper you know...)
Look here for news when I add something new.

I now have a new place to see my songs at It is not finished being built yet but it has all the text up. I hope to work out how to do the clever things on it very soon.

I'm not quite sure why this page is such a funny shape but there it is...
I have put lots of links in and there are now chords added for most of the songs Monday 8th of March
4 new songs!
Also some ABC notation
Thursday 11th of March
A piece of prose under Bits and Pieces
Rants added to a few songs
A couple more melodies coded in ABC
Friday 12th of March
Lots more ABC

Wednesday 17th of March
Another piece under Bits and Pieces

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