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Here are the lyrics to the songs I have written. I am working out how to incorporate MP3s of the ones so far recorded so you can hear them as well.
NEW! In the meantime, I am starting to type in the tunes in ABC notation, a short text code which both people and computers are able to read as music (with practice or software as appropriate).

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The Adventures of Power and Greed
A Small Minority (ABC)
Green Like Me (ABC)
Go to Hell (ABC)
Make Some Music (ABC)
Machines are Closing In (ABC)
Co-operation Reigns (ABC)
Roads, Traffic and Authority
Don't Take It Away
The Economic God Song
Ode to Soil (ABC)
Fear (ABC)
An Organism Called Earth (ABC)
You Can't Make Me
September 12
Stand and Cry Freedom
Keep the Prices Low (ABC)
His Voice Shouts
You Can't Just Winge
Come the Global Calamity (ABC)
I Was Only 18
Axises of Evil
The Earth Will Rise (ABC)
Tiny Little Spot
Who's in Charge?
Whip Them like Convicts (ABC)
War's a Game for Powermongers (ABC)
A Supermarket Bounty (ABC)
Alot Like You
You're Paranoid Too NEW!
Be a Crap Vegan NEW!
Dreamers NEW! (ABC)
Freedom NEW! (ABC)


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The Adventures of Power and Greed

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1995

1.When the first timber cutter came to this shore,
For every tree felled there were thousands more,
So they chopped and they sawed with their minds at ease,
There was no way they could run out of trees.

2. Then someone called Power met someone called Greed,
And they convinced us that what we need,
Is paper and plastic to throw away,
Now they're fucking up the planet while the citizens pay.

3. Our Common Conscience tries to save,
Consumers from our greedy grave,
But Greed is huge and Power is strong,
And they make up the rules as they go along.

And another tree falls,
And another patch of untouched wilderness,
Quick chop it down while you've got the chance,
It's gonna be conserved,
If the hippies get a hold of it.

4. Power and Greed run a woodchip mill,
All you have to say to get a licence to kill,
Is "I'm from a land which has run out of trees,
And I'd like to trash your heritage please"


5. Power and greed want to build a road,
Between two places where nobody goes,
It's eight lanes wide and it's black and it's cold,
But the forest in the way is a million years old.


6. Now the Old Growth's nearly at an end,
Our Common Conscience must defend,
Our planet from one last attack,
But Greed has its hand up the government's back.


(time 44)
for the first two verses
C       /G   C   /G   F   /Em  Dm  /
C       /G   C   /G       /G   C   
For the other verses
C       /G   C   /G   F   /Em  Dm  /
C       /G   C   /G   Em  /Am  G   
and for the the chorus
C   Am  /Am      /Em  F   /G   F   /
C   F   /G   G7  /C       /Co7      /
F   G   /C       //

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A Small Minority

Words by Paul Spencer, 1996
traditional Australian tune
arranged for the Solidarity Choir by Miguel Heatwole

1. I'm not an aboriginal, a small minority,
But nor am I an immigrant not true-blue Aussie me,
My family is Australian from way back out of sight,
And where we're from before that doesn't matter 'cause we're white.


I'm a mainstream Australian, more typical than you,
I'm part of the majority which numbers very few,
When debating legislation for the country as a whole,
It's only fair that I have disproportionate control.

2. I'm not an adolescent or an immature child,
I'm not a young adult but then I'm also not retired,
I'm not a rowdy student or a feral or a punk,
Or a greeny or a communist or any other junk.


3. Of course I'm not a criminal: I've never been in jail,
I don't smoke marijuana, or at least I don't inhale,
I never ride a skateboard or cycle into work,
And I don't catch public transport, no I always take the Merc'.


4. I'm not a homosexual or queer of any kind,
I'm not at all disabled in the body or the mind,
I'm not a homeless pauper or a starving refugee,
And I'm not a small-time businessman with seven kids to feed.


I'm not a single parent, nor am I unemployed,
The working class and unionists I carefully avoid,
I'm surely not a woman, it's more normal to be male,
I'm an ordinary Aussie and my wishes will prevail

(time 44)
C       /F       /G       /G   C   /
C       /F       /G       /G   C   /
G       /C       /D   D7  /G       /G7      /
C   C7  /F       /G       /G   C   //

ABC code
G |AGGE C>CCE |GFFC A,3A, |B,B,A,G, B,>GGA [1AGGF E3 :[2AGA,B, C2G,G, |
B,2B,>C DD2G, |C/2C/2 C2D E3E |DDDE ^F/2^F/2^F2^F |[M:6/4]^FDE^F G6G>G |
[M:4/4]AGGE CCCE |GFFC A,3A, |B,B,A,>G, B,GG>A |AGA,B, C3 |

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Green Like Me

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1996
arranged for choir by Ecopella

1. I'm an ethical consumer, that's a nineties thing to be,
So it's hydrocarbon aerosols instead of CFCs,
And now that Macca's uses those recycled paper trays,
My care for our environment can last for days and days,
In oh! So many ways,
My care for our environment can last for days and days.

2. I was going to start a compost but I couldn't stand the smell,
So I put it in the garbage with the glass and cans as well,
I know I should recycle but I just don't have the time,
To be sorting through the garbage can with a hectic life like mine,
And I'm far too refined,
To be sorting through the garbage can with a hectic life like mine.

3. You say I shouldn't drive to work but go by bus or train,
And have me waiting half an hour each morning in the rain,
My mobile phone would get all wet my hairspray would dissolve,
I'll be environmental if discomfort's not involved,
I give this firm resolve,
I'll be environmental if discomfort's not involved.

4. Now it's great to save our forests but I think it's fair to say,
That if someone's job is threatened then the forest must give way,
Well, we can't live without money, just look at those who do,
From their hair and clothes it's obvious they haven't got a clue,
Of course I don't mean you,
From their hair and clothes it's obvious they haven''t got a clue.

5. It's not that I hate ferals, or people who are weird,
In fact in have a friend who has two earrings in one ear,
It's just they tend to smell a bit or so the rumours go,
But I'm just being prejudiced 'cause I really wouldn't know,
And drug use makes them slow,
But I'm just being prejudiced 'cause I really wouldn't know.

6. I took some re-used bags once when I did the weekly shop,
But I felt a little foolish so that practice had to stop,
I still buy all the packaging I used to buy before,
But now I feel guilty so that counts as doing more,
And thinking's such a bore,
But now I feel guilty so that counts as doing more.

7. What do you mean "inactive"? I'm PC and up to date,
I buy dolphin-friendly tuna and I think Greenpeace is great,
I use unleaded petrol in my brand new Commodore,
And I'm boycotting my French class and the local French bread store,
Who could ask for more?
I'm boycotting my French class and the local French bread store.

(time 44)
G       /G       /C   D   /G       /
G       /D       /A7      /D7      /
G7      /C       /Bm      /D      /
G  (F#) /Em      /A7  D7  /G       /
F#m Em  /D       /G       /Em       /
C   D   /G       //

ABC code
T:Green Like Me
C:Paul Spencer

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Go to Hell

Words and music by Paul Spencer 1996

1) Two people sitting smoking, one evening after tea,
Their cigarettes slowly burnging and they're watching the TV,
One man smokes through habit nearly twenty five a day,
And no matter how he tries he just can't give the things away.

His fitness level's dropping and he's lost his singing voice,
He's trying to remember when he used to smoke by choice,
The other just smokes once a week so he still feels OK,
But he smokes marijuana, and that's why people say:

He's a criminal, he's wanted, he's dangerous I'm sure,
He's a crazy desperado and he's running from the law,
If you catch him throw him straight into the deepest, darkest cell,
The law is always right so if you break it go to hell.

2) A dealer doing well, she just sold another ounce,
Two cops who've been tipped off see their target and they pounce,
The law tells them to lock her up, the proof is everywhere,
But shouldn't all the money that they found have been declared?

A good cop and a bad one, a complementary set,
The honest cop too scared to speak but not corrupted yet,
Fourteen grand was stolen which of course they would deny,
And she'd receive no sympathy 'cause in the public eye:


Two big drug plantations, fences dogs and guards,
Massive profits here a million bucks is on the cards,
One is sprayed with poison more then any other crop,
And amazingly addicitve once you start you just can't stop.

The other grows organically, no chemicals at all,
A great rotation crop, it grows so quickly and so tall,
The fibre's used for paper 'cause it's so immensely strong,
And yet the people growing it are actually in the wrong:

(time 44)
Am      /Em      /F   G   /Am      /
C       /Dm      /G       /Em      /
Dm      /Em      /Am      /Dm      /
(first time)Am      /Dm      /Am      /Em      /
(second time)F       /F       /Am      /E       /
F       /G       /Am      /Em      /
F       /Em      /Dm      /G       /
C       /G       /Am  Dm  /Em      /
C       /Am      /G   Em  /Am      //

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
F/2F/2F2F GG2G |A>GF<E G3G |ccc>c BBBB |A<GF>E D2DD |

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Make Some Music

words by Paul Spencer 1996
traditional English tune: "Maggie May"

1. I hate the Liberal party with a passion deep and hearty,
So I voted for the Labor Party man,
But the lying little weevil turned out just as bloody evil,
It's clear he's out to break us if he can.

2. So this time I was keen, I went out and voted Green,
And the good old Coalition went and won,
If you want to change the laws, then the power's mine and yours,
And I think it's time to go and have some fun.

Oh, Banner-drops and lock-on pipes, tripods and canoes,
A smoke-in at the cop shop nearly always makes the news,
We can safely leave the violence in the hands of the police,
And go and make some music in the forests and the streets.

3. I want to make things better so I think I'll write a letter,
That a junior clerk can place upon a shelf,
But still the trees keep falling, I can hear the forest calling,
So I'll have to go and save the thing myself.


4. It's very widely known that if you cycle on your own,
The motorists will try to run you down,
But nothing ever feels quite a free as my two wheels,
When a hundred bikes have taken over town.


5. If you stand up for your rights or for someone else's fight,
You break the law which says you can't complain,
But civil disobedience is never, ever tedious,
It's aggravated trespass time again.

(time 44)
A       /D       /A       /E       /
A       /D       /A   E   /A   A7  /
D       /A       /A       /B   E7  /
A       /D       /A   E   /A       //

ABC code
This is the tne as I sing it, which is just like the original except for a few notes here and there to fit with my words.

T:Make Some Music
ECA,>C EEE>E |DDD>F Az2F |E<EAF EDCB, | A,A,A,B, A,2 |

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Machines are Closing In

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1998

Tomorrow, when all the bush is grey,
The darkness, before the break of day,
Then headlights, and diesel engine noise,
Our warning, machines are closing in,
At daylight, the slaughter will begin,
We'll see then, what selfishness destroys.
How much is ancient forest worth,
How dear our world of death and birth,
My life belongs to planet Earth.

Police cars, come in to join the fight,
The small things, all run away in fright,
The bush birds, disperse on silent wings,
"The primates, can fight among themselves,"
The cops throw, some friends of mine in cells,
The road clears, the day of work begins.
How much is ancient forest worth,
How dear our world of death and birth,
My life belongs to planet Earth.

The ground shakes, as timber crashes down,
Our anger, enchanted by the sound,
Released by, the growling of machines,
Alone now, the tears are free to flow,
This old bush, ten thousand years to grow,
Forsaken, for seven bucks a ream.
How much is ancient forest worth,
How dear our world of death and birth,
My life belongs to planet Earth.

I haven't put the chords in here because I don't play chords as such for it but if you want to work some out, a hint is that it is in Em and G and the timing is in 14.

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
F |G2E3 DEG^GG E3D |C2A,3 G,A,CDC B,3^D |
F2E3 FAFED G3E |D2C3 B,A,G,CB, A,3B, |
F2G3 ABAGF G4 |F2E3 DEDCA, B,4 |C2D3 EFEDB, E4 |

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Co-operation Reigns

Words by Paul Spencer 1997
Traditional Irish tune: "I'm leaving Tipperary"

1. Although we live beneath the cloud of greedy corporations,
We must believe we will achieve our proper liberation.
The world of business marches on as though it can't be halted,
But tyrants past have fallen down when peasants have revolted.

Goodbye Coles! Goodbye Shell! Goodbye Coca-cola!!
Today we save each other from our gluttonous controller,
The world was ill with wretched pain, its creatures bound in chains,
But justice is alive today, co-operation reigns, ha ha ha!

2. The world has been through times of good and times of rampant evil,
But nothing we have faced has made us sad beyond retrieval,
For every season cycle round and Winter turns to harvest,
And justice rallies close again when once it was the farthest.


3. We'll sing this song the day we're free from bondage to the wealthy,
When streets are filled with dance and song and lives are full and healthy,
But victory comes by small degrees and constant confrontation,
So every time we take a step we'll sing in celebration.


(time 24)
G       /C   G   /G       /D       /
G       /C   G   /G   D   /G       /
G       /C   G   /G       /D       /
G       /C   G   /G   D   /G       /
G       /G       /G       /D       /
G  (F#) /Em      /C   D   /G       /
G       /Em      /A7      /D7      /
G   D   /C   G   /C   D   /G   C D //

ABC code
D |B,DG>G EGDD |B,DD>B, B,A,2D |
B,DGG EGDD [1B,DA,>C B,G,2 :[2B,DA,>C B,G,3 |
GGG2 GGG2 |GED>B, B,A,2 z/2G/2 |
GGGG G<GGG |GEDB, A,G,2 z/2G/2 |

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Roads, Traffic and Authority

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1997
arrangement by Paul Spencer and Ecopella

1. Traffic's tight, day and night,
The streets have all been filled,
Here's what you want us to do,
Go out there and build.

Roads, freeways, sweeping bends,
Motorways, tollways, they're your friends,
Bitumen, concrete, asphalt, tar,
We'll pave all the bits that we've missed so far

2. Feeling down, skies are brown,
Nowhere left to breathe,
We'll fix the smell, we'll make you well,
Just sit back and believe.

(A) What looks great in black? ROADS!
What brings in the cash? TRAFFIC!
Who has your AUTHORITY
To fill your life with roads?


(B) What's better than urban bush? ROADS!
What's got people on the move? TRAFFIC!
Who has your AUTHORITY
To fill your life with roads?

3. Cars are fun, trains are dumb,
Roads are what you crave,
The Lord above looked down with love
And this is what he gave:


I've forgotten the chords for this one because we just do it with the choir. I#39;ll work them out again.

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Don't Take it Away

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1997

I live in the real world. It's very real. I have a car and a job. I have a permanent address. I exist, I have an identity. I have friends and a family. We all exist, we're real. We have real lives. We go to the Entertainment Centre and the Fun Park when we're not working.

The real world supports me. I buy my food from a shop in the main street. My car goes because there's a real petrol station where I can buy petrol. I can buy food and petrol because I get money when I work. That's how it is in the real world.

I'm glad I live in the real world. I'm happy. I enjoy the choices I make when I watch my television. My compact discs make me happy they do. So do the vouchers on the supermarket dockets. I'm happy because it will all be the same tomorrow. That's real happiness, that's not fake.It's the happiness that the real world provides.

The real world works. It stands up and it works for you and me. People like the real world the way it is. We like the system. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. No person would be part of a system that denied them their humanity. We choose to live this way. We prefer it.

You really don't want to know what the chords are for this one. It starts on a C and could end on a C ut actually ends on a G#. I call the timing 5128 because it does contain 512 quaver beats (which is 29) and that seemed a good thing.

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The Economic God Song

Words by Paul Spencer, 1997
traditional Australian tune: "The Lachlan Tigers"

1. A frantic zealous guru with a mighty mystic mind,
Beseeches us to leave our unenlightened ways behind,
"Feel the power of the mighty Stock Exchange!"
Arms wide open and his eyes are very strange.

We won't bow down and worship your economic god,
Your sacrificial customs seem unnatural and odd,
We don't like to fight against our friends,
We'll stand fast against your economic trends.

2. What can your god give us that we don't already own?
We don't want a mortgage or a tiny little phone,
We like friendship and sharing things we need,
That's ours now if we can overcome our greed.


3. He looks at us in horror, and flames rise in his cheeks,
"You can't afford to disobey the Market when it speaks!,
You'll bring vengeance down upon us all,
We'd be broken if the Stock Exchange should fall."


5. We'll go on being friendly and refusing to compete,
And laughing at the crap you try to sell us in the street,
We're not scared of disasters you foretell,
Hold our hands and you can ride the storm as well.


timing 44
Am      /Am      /G       /G       /
G       /Em      /Am      /E       /
Am      /F       /C       /G       /
C  (B)  /Am      /E7      /Am      //

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Ode to Soil

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2000

This planet is a rock that boils and churns,
Continents float as the liquid turns,
Our island bobs like a raft at sea, or loose debris,
But somehow life remains,

This island's made of solid stone,
As dry as a crow-pecked bullock bone
But a layer on top like a vellum skin, both soft and thin,
Supports us all alone.

The soil holds on with a mighty grip,
To giant roots so the trees won't slip,
It clothes itself in vibrant green, a fragrant screen,
Through which the waters drip.

The soil the Earth in slow routine,
Gives forth a beauty so serene,
A person who such splendour saw, subdued with awe,
Might think some god had been.

But looking close it can be found,
The beauty springs from underground,
A million living creatures dance, in every ounce,
And miracles abound,

These living things are made of soil,
The earth in which they live and toil,
And there the Earth receives and gives, the planet lives,
In fine and fragile soil.

timing changeable
A   D   A   E   /
A   A   B7  G   /
F#m E   A   F#m G   F#m /
D   A   G   //

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
D2 |CCDD ECB,4 |CB,A,A, B,A,=G,3D |
[M:5/4]FEEC D5 |

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Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2000

Fear comes down upon me in the dark,
Though not quite unexpected
My impulse is to run, hide away,
Hope I'm not detected,
I can't escape, the fear is in my heart.

Scampering I leave my friends behind,
The fear I carry with me,
Now it has me totally entranced,
My resistance fails quickly,
And a host of horrid futures fills my mind.

Everything I live for is destroyed,
Justice is defeated,
Terror past all hope of consolation,
Each image is repeated,
Inside me on a screen I can't avoid.

I'm rescued on the threshold of despair,
Friendly arms around me,
The present moment settles on my mind,
I spit my fear out loudly,
I feel my skin again and breathe the air.

timing 44
D       /C#o7    /D       /D       /
D       /Bm      /Bm      /Bm      /
Em      /C#mMaj.7/F#m     /F#m     /
Ao7     /B7      /B7      /B7      /
Em      /A   G   /D       /       //

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
DDDD CCE>E |D6 zF |FFG<F ED3-|D4 z3D |
EEEE =F2C>=C |C4 z4 |A,A,G,>F, B,B,3-|B,4 z3B, |
EEED CA,B,B, |D6 z2 :|

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Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1999

1. There are strange people living in the city,
They shave their chins and armpits and dress up like cement,
Their nervous eyes evoke a sense of pity,
They've bought themselves a prison, which was never their intent.

The only way to free them is to shock them,
Show them the reality that's killing me and you,
They're the only ones who can unlock them,
When I see them on the escalators, all I want to do is yell:

Freaks!! What are you doing??!!
Dressing up like mannequins and marching up and down,
Can't you smell the poison you're brewing,
While you're living in a bubble in the plastic part of town?

2. They think it's human nature to be selfish,
To them co-operation is a weakness of the mind,
They recognise the system isn't healthy,
But they'd rather just enjoy it and leave it all behind.

Now that's just not acceptable behaviour,
Tripping on consumption and the products of today,
Excreting waste in our suburban graveyard,
When they colonise my television, I just want to say to them:


3. They don't believe in things outside the present,
The future has no value if it can't be sold today,
They help to make each other's moments pleasant,
By building a reality that keeps the world away.

We have to talk some holes into their fortress,
Teach them to respect the future's right to just exist,
Use the lessons history has taught us,
When I cycle past their traffic jams, the hardest to resist is yelling:


timing 24
Bm      /D       /Bm      /Bm      /
Em      /A       /G       /E   E7  /
A       /E   E7  /A       /A       /
Bm      /C#m     /D    Bm  /D       /

A       /Bm  C#m /A       /A       /
E       /A       /Bm     /E       /
C#m     /C#m     /C#m     /C#m     /
D       /D       /A       /D       /
G       /G       /A       /A       /
D       /G   D   /G   Em  /A       /
Bm      /Em      /G       /G       /
D       /G   Em  /D   A   /D       //

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An Organism Called Earth

words, music and arrangement by Paul Spencer, 1999

Soprano: Millions and millions of different kinds of living creatures
Bass: An organism called Earth
Alto: Traversing its orbit around the sun
Tenor: Energy and time

Soprano: All energy on Earth comes from the Sun
Alto: Everything I touch and hear is the Earth
Tenor: My body and mind are made of Earth
Bass: I am alive because the Earth is alive

Tenor: Our world still astounds ev'ry explorer
Alto: The Earth provides us with all we need
Bass: My mind evolved for the good of the Earth
Soprano: I would give my life to save my planet

Soprano: Millions and milions of different kinds of living creatures
Alto: Together our species can save the Earth
Tenor: Energy and time
Bass: I will fight for my planet.

timing 148
It is an ongoing loop of one bar. The notes of the simplest (first) bass line goes in even beat:
C   B   G   A   G   B   C   /
and the chords are basically all C, Am or G.

ABC code
This is not the arrangement of this song. It is written to be sung with at least four parts at a time and my arrangement brings in the parts gradually and gets up to 8 parts together in the middle. I don't have a copy of it with me and I don't know it by heart so don't ask me for it but you can out it together however you like. The following code will play each of the parts twice, in the order in which they are introduced in my arrangement of the song.

:CCE GGG AFGD FEDC::C2 B,2 G,2 A,2 G,2 B,2 C,2 :
:GA2 FGD2 ECD2 EG2 ::E3 D3 C2 D3 E3 :
:G2 BBBB A2B2 AFG2 ::E2F G2F2E D2C2E2E :
:EE2D2E F2G2 AGE2 ::CB,A G,2A,C2D B,G,G,C2 :
:G2G2 B2Ac2 dBcBA ::cBA G2E2F2G2 Adc :
:C2DB, G,2A,F, G,2A,B, C2 ::c3B AGGE F2G2Bc :|

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You Can't Make Me

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2000

1. You can't make me do your useless jobs I'd rather starve,
Living on the street begging for a feed,
Tell me you're the one the system robs, don't make me laugh.

2. You can't make me hate myself with lies on your TV,
Speaking out of hate knowing it will rate,
Captivate the public's willing mind, you won't catch me.

3. You can't make me help destroy our home this planet Earth,
Another mindless task anything you ask,
My small contribution to our doom for what it's worth.

4. You can't make me quietly submit, just be good,
Hit me with your steel lock me up in jail,
You'll hurt me but you'll never make me quit, nothing could.

5. You can't make me want to be like them your placid slaves,
Work and sleep and drink never have to think,
Look attractive, reproduce and then, dig their graves.

6. You can't make me do your useless jobs I'd rather starve,
Living on the street begging for a feed,
Tell me you're the one the system robs, don't make me laugh.

timing 44
D       /A   D   /G       /A       /
Bm  G   /C#m A   /A       /A       /
Bm      /G   C#m /A       /D       //

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September 12

Words by Paul Spencer, 2000
traditional Australian tune: "Jim Jones"

1. Now listen for a moment folks and hear me tell my tale,
Of why the cops in Melbourne town deserve to be in jail,
The rich men cried "Security!" and cops came by the score,
To beat up peaceful protesters for blocking up their door.

2. Now take my tip before you skip to join the rising throng,
Beneath your vest, protect your chest with padding firm and strong,
A fancy hat upon your head need not be drab or dull,
But underneath a helmet can protect your fragile skull.

3. The time is ripe for mischief now remember what I say,
But don't forget September 12 when cops came out to play,
The stakes were high their minds were full of lies that they'd been fed,
I'd rather've had a helmet on when kicked about the head.

4. The stakes were high, our elbows, linked, we armed ourselves with song,
But the coppers that the rich men sent were full 500 strong,
They beat us with their batons and they dragged us all away,
I'd rather've been arrested there than truncheoned any day.

5. For day and night they walk the streets and keep us in our cage,
And put down peaceful protest for a small, dishonest wage,
But by and by we'll break our chains and into the streeets we'll go,
To join the bold blockaders there and watch the movement grow.

6. Then one bright day when everything is vibrant in the town,
We'll occupy the parliament, we'll bring the tyrants down,
We'll give the law a little shock, remember what I say,
They'll yet regeret they sent the riot coppers out that day.

timing 44
C       /C       /G Am    /Am      /
Am      /Am7     /Dm      /Em      /
Am      /Am      /Dm      /Am      /
G       /Am      /G Am    /Am      /

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Stand and Cry Freedom

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 1999
arranged by Paul Spencer and Karen Spencer

1. We cannot face the enemy alone,
(Chorus): Stand here together and cry when it hurts,
We won't destroy a castle with just one stone,
(Chorus): Freedom's gonna take a lot of work.

2.Unfortunatley, I've forgotten teh words to ths song. I'll have to wait until I remember them or get another copy of my CD. :)

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Keep the Prices Low

Words by Paul Spencer, 2001
Music by Paul Spencer and John Spencer
Ideas by Paul, John and Liam Spencer

1. Strategic business management,
(Chorus): Keep the prices low,
Minimising money spent,
(Chorus): Keep the prices low,
Efficient operations, economy of scale,
And other words to make it sound like wisdom will prevail,
(Chorus): Do anything, anything, just keep the prices low.

2. The labour's done in the phillipines,
(Chorus): Keep the prices low,
The staff are paid in kidney beans,
(Chorus): Keep the prices low,
Fear of unemployment keeps the workers off their backs,
While the company is pushing for another cut in tax,
(Chorus): Do anything, anything, just keep the prices low.

3. Avoid environmental laws, (Chorus): Keep the...
Move to where they're not enforced, (Chorus): Keep the...
I can turn the tap on and the water's clean and fresh,
'Cause the poison in the river is away in Bangladesh,
(Chorus): Do anything, ...

4. Make it shoddy, make it cheap, (Ch...)
Make it nearly obsolete, (Ch...)
Look how much I've purchased with a pocket full of cash,
And when it falls apart on me I'll throw it in the trash,

5. A million toys from a plastic mould, (Ch...)
Make ten cents for each one sold, (Ch...)
An easy way to earn a hundred thousand of the best,
Just buy them buy the crate and sell them cheaper than the rest,

6. Open up stores in every town, (Ch...)
Force all the local prices down, (Ch...)
Sell us things at less than cost for 6 months or a year,
And we prob'ly won't react when all the small shops disappear,

7. Buying toys or bags of rice, (Ch...)
Make sure you decide the price, (Ch...)
Make them manufacture just exactly what you need,
Then refuse to buy their product at the price that was agreed

8. Buy the stock you know will sell, (Ch...)
Easy things that market well, (Ch...)
Join the mediocrity of every other brand,
In united aspiration for a constant shade of bland,

9. Steal my pay cheque every week, (Ch...)
Hand it to the rich and sleek, (Ch...)
Make your business wealthy so investors all get rich,
We'll like it or we'll lump it and it doesn't matter which,
Do anything, anything, just keep the prices low.

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
BAG6 |FED4 B,2 |C3A, D2D2 |G,7 :|

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His Voice Shouts

words by Paul Spencer, 2001
no tune yet

Solid black boots on, quietly he stands,
A scarf for his face and gloves on his hands,
From within a heavy jacket his reflection faces him,
And stares until his eyes are cold and hard and grim.

Sitting in silence, driving into town,
Five faces blank with their minds fastened down,
His scars are glowing hotly and his jaw is like a vice
But the blood is flowing through his body like ice.

And now his heart lies still, muffled by a mask,
Not to interfere with his dangerous task,
They're standing in the carpark and there's nobody around,
And their boots on the gravel make a loud sound.

Weapons held closely, walk off down the lane,
Thousands of thoughts and they're all about pain,
Stop before the main street in the shadow in a line,
And the whisper scurries back "It's him", right on time.

Not a word spoken, gloves take hold of clothes,
Hearts set the beat for battering blows,
Time is slowing down, the young man opens his mouth,
"Who's a pansy now, fascist?!", his voice shouts.

Heightened sensation, leaping foot to foot,
The texture of ribs through his leather boot,
The one on the ground stops struggling, it's done,
They turn to walk away and then all run.

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You Can't Just Winge

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2001

1. Well they marched for peace and justice and they struck for better pay,
And they built the protest movement just to hear the cynics say:

You can't just winge, can't you come up with a better way?
You're always on the fringe 'cause you've got nothing good to say.

2. Well we stood up for the Cubans and we stood up for the poor,
But they never seemed to understand what we were standing for.

3. So we pushed for public transport and we lobbied them for hemp,
But the cynics said the same things to us everywhere we went,

4. Well perhaps we'd been too cryptic, so to simplify the clue,
We said "People before profit" so the message might get through, but no:

5. So we made ourselves a banner, it was thirty storeys high,
And the message read "Go solar!" but it got the same reply:

6. So now when I see cynics standing with their lips all tighly pursed,
I leap out from behind them and I get my line in first.


timing 44
A       /A       /F#m     /F#m     /
A       /A       /F#m B7  /E7      /
A   E   /A   E A /F#m     /B7      /
A   Bm  /C#m A E /A   E   /A       //

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Come the Global Calamity

Words by Paul Spencer 1999 and 2002
traditional Irish tune: "The Disused Railway"

1. Watching telly hypnotically
Spending money neurotically,
Making choices robotically,
Turning into a slave.
School to make me employable,
Work to make me reliable
Just when life gets enjoyable,
Lay me into my grave.

Come the global calamity,
Markets crashing dramatically,
Final show of insanity,
Time to start anew,
People starving to death,
Even over here in the West,
And you won't have time for a breath,
But we'll all have something to do.

2. Life is easy on benefit,
Drinking beer for the fun of it,
Smoking weed for the Zen of it,
Nearly dying on smack.
Try to stand on my feet,
But I find there's nothing to eat,
And it's cold out here on the street,
So I soon come grovelling back.


3. Spend the day on the phone,
Like a dull mechanical drone,
And I might as well be alone,
Cause I've got no time for a chat.
Work till six and then leave,
With a lousy wage for the week,
And I don't know what I've achieved,
But it nearly pays for my flat.


timing 98
Bm       /Bm    A  /G        /Bm F#mBm /
Bm       /Bm    A  /G        /Bm F#mBm /
D        /D     A  /D        /Bm       /
D        /A        /G        /Bm F#mBm //

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
B,2C DCB,FDB, |B,2C DCB, ECA, |B,2C DCB, FDB, |B,2D CB,A, B,3 :|

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I Was Only 18
skip the rant
I wrote this song at the end of 2002, intending it to be a little jibe at people who are agitating for an armed uprising and spend their time selling newspapers and recruiting students and so on. I have since read little bits of what Karl Marx, and also Rosa Luxemburg, actually wrote and see that these are not the people I'm laughing at. Of course Marx himself once said, about the ways his writing has been misinterpreted: "I'm not sure of anything anymore, but I'm not a Marxist." The question I pose in the song "What's a revolution" is answered extremely well by a few quotes from Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx:

"The social democracy does not expect to attain its aim either as a result of the victorious violence of a minority or through the numerical superiority of a majority. It sees socialism come as as result of economic necessity - and the comprehension of that necessity - leading to the suppression of capitalism by the working masses."
- Rosa Luxemburg, in "Reform or Revolution, 1908

"Every legal constitution is the product of a revolution. In the history of classes, revolution is the act of political creation, while legislation is the political expression of the life of a society that has already come into being."
- Rosa again, same book

"Proletarian revolutions...criticise themselves constantly; constantly interrupt themselves in their own course; come back to what seems to have been accomplished, in order to start anew; scorn with cruel thoroughness the half-measures, weakness and meanness of their first attempts; seem to throw down their adversary only to enable him to draw fresh strength from the earth and rise up against them in more gigantic stature; constantly recoil in fear before the undefined monster magnitude of their own objects - until finally that situation is created which renders all retreat impossible and conditions themselves cry out:"Hic Rhodus, hic salta!" [Here is the rose, here we must dance!]"
- Karl Marx

It would seem, then, that the prospect of a little militia calling themselves communists and revolting, taking over the country and instituting a complete police-state against all counter-revolutionaries is not a Marxist aspiration either. Similarly, the Party-led, domineering, reverent, obedient (boring, newspaper-vending) so-called socialists I met as a student were not among those Marx would have counted as progressing us towards a communist future. I still like this song, I'm just a little bit annoyed that I took the slightly thoughtless and lazy path of attributing those propoerties to Marxists without having read any more Marx than the Communist Manifesto. Now I have started to read up on him and his revolution is quite like mine (though it should be noted that I don't aim to escape"the tyranny of nature" through the endless advance of technology.

(Please know that it has nothing to do with the subject of the original - the Vietnam war - and is certainly not intended to ridicule returned soldiers.)

Words parodied by Paul Spencer, 2002
tune and original words: "I Was Only 19" by John Schumann

1. Mum and Dad and Karen saw me getting on the train to go to Sydney,
It was the one that leaves at twelve,
I enrolled at Sydney Uni in a bachelor of Science, did it suit me?
It was really hard to tell.

And posters lined the footpaths where the activists had been,
And when I came across them I was young and fresh and keen,
And that's how I met Marxists, at a meeting of the Greens,
God help me, I was only 18.

2. From a youth club called Resistance to the Students' Council office,
I'd been in and out of meetings now for months,
And all my friends had Che Guavara pin-ups in their bedrooms,
And we sat discussing Lenin in the pub.

And can you tell me doctor why I still can't stay awake,
When people talk of rising up and throwing off the state?
And what's a revolution, can you tell me what it means?
God help me, I was only 18.

3. Four-week-long elections where a win was just a token for the Left,
It was a war within yourself,
But you wouldn't let your mates down and you got to skip some lectures,
So you gave out flyers and thought about something else.

Then something made me question why it has to be a war,
If fighting's ever going to bring us what we're fighting for,
And all this talk of winning made me trust them even less,
God help me, I'd rather live in peace.

4. I remember sitting 'round and calling ourselves socialists,
And drinking till the Uni bar kicked out,
And I remember fighting with their culture of obedience,
Till the meeting closed and stopped the bloody row.

And the manifesto didn't mention marching in a line,
And following the megaphone and chanting dodgy rhymes,
I yelled some slogans from the back that I didn't even feel,
God help me, I was only 18.

And can you tell me doctor why I still can't stay awake,
When the Party tries to tell me that it's for the people's sake?
And what's a revolution, can you tell me what it means?
God help me, I was only 18.

C       /Eb      /Bb      /F       /
C       /C       /Bb      /C       /
C       /Eb      /Bb      /F       /
C       /C       /Bb      /C       /

G       /G       /F       /C       /
G       /G       /F       /C       /
F       /C       /F       /C       /
G       /G       /G Am    /G F     //

now read the rant after all

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The Axises of Evil

Words by Paul Spencer, 2002
traditioanl Australian tune: "The Augathella Station"

1. Of all the world's ills, there is none that's more evil,
More gruesome or dread than the terrorist threat,
The president says that they're really awful people,
And when he's not grinning you can tell he's upset.

We'll march off to war like good little soldiers,
We'll march off to war for President Bush,
Until we destroy all the Axises of Evil,
For there's freedom to fight for and a lifestyle to push.

2. George Bush is angered by the death of civillians,
He finds it outrageous like anyone would,
So when he kills thousands and talks about collateral,
He's not being callous, you've misunderstood.


3. Now some bombs are dirty and cause mass destruction,
But our bombs are smart and they'll solve all our woes,
Starvation and grief might appear to be a crisis,
But really we're helping as everyone knows,


4. To help foster peace we'll use words like Islamist,
To make it appear that they're all so extreme,
Whereas our church is pure and could never be corrupted,
And of world domination it would not even dream.


5. So send us your children, we'll fight against terror,
And suchlike emotions that lay people low,
We'll fight them with guns and with lots of bloody slaughter,
But don't ask who's winning or how long to go.


timing 44
Am      /Am      /F       /Em      /
Am      /Am      /F       /G       /
F       /G       /Am      /Em      /
Am      /Em      E7      /Am      //

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The Earth Will Rise
skip the rant
This is another little jibe from within. It should be noted that my gripe is not against any of the practises mentioned in the song. Meditation is just advanced sitting around and is extremely good for you. Chi is something we don't have a word for in English, so some people call it "energy" to try not to be too mystical. The thing is, it is a mystical concept. That is, the scientific descriptions of it about electric fields and movement of this and that through the body are very crude attempts to aproximate it and capture it in acceptable terminology. It is a bit like trying to describe love in terms of hormones and involuntary pupil dilation. It is an idea defined properly by things you experience and to try to put it otherwise is silly.

My only real gripe is crystals. I would like it known that the vibrations associated with crystals are very real. The atomic struture of crystals is so regular that they will resonate like a bell to energy of the right frequency. They might help in healing, I don't care to dispute that. The thing is THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT OK to dig up ancient rainforests and crack open all the thunder eggs and generally grab all the crystals you can find and sell them to people on market stalls. That is complete crap.

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2003
with ideas by Frances Howe

1. It's an endless, cosmic journey on the path of brilliant light,
And every lifetime's learning,
Sees the summit ever nearer, and my third eye's vision clearer,
Through the darkest time of night.

It's a comfy spot to snuggle as a sculptor of my soul,
So in desperate times of struggle,
When the future's looking tragic, I put all my faith in magic,
And I burrow in my hole.

And the Earth will rise! (Gaia!)
Right before our sad, averted eyes, (Gaia!)
She will cast aside her shackles, smash the cities into dust,
But she'll rescue the enlightened, all the righteous ones like us,

2. I've progressed through meditation, and I've sorted out my Chi,
I've used crystal divination,
And with years of hard devotion, I've uncovered my emotions,
And the Karmic way to be.

So I'm spending time relaxing with a headspace cool and clear,
And it sounds a little taxing,
All this work to save the planet, and the people living on it,
So I think I'll just lie here.


3. And I simply must have crystals to advise me and dictate,
And the forest ecosystems,
All the life that's terminated, when the gems are excavated,
Well that's really down to fate.

So you shouldn't be so gloomy, man just find a new belief,
One that lets you keep consuming,
Knowing at the final hour, that some heavy cosmic power,
Will just flood the world with peace.


timing 44
G       /G       /C       /G       /
D       /D       / (a short line)
G       /G       /G       /G       /
C   D   /G       / (repeat)
Em      /Em      /Em      /Em      /
D       /Bm      /Em      /Em      /
D       /D       /C       /C       /
Bm      /Bm      /Am      /D       /
D       /D       //

ABC codeX:1
T:The Earth Will Rise
C:Paul Spencer
[1CA,F,F, G,2 :[2CA,F,F, G,3 E/2F/2 |
G>FE6 |A,<B, z6 |D>DDE F>ECB, |E4 A,<B,EE |
F>FAG F<DEF |G<FG>F E3 E/2E/2 |
FGF<E FDB,D |E>DCB, D4 |GA3 z2 |

now read the rant after all

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Tiny Little Spot

Words by Paul Spencer, 2002
traditional tune: "Johnny Lad", to which Lyell Sayer wrote "The F 1-11"

1. You think you are so mighty, you boastful human race,
Now that you're so clever you can blast things into space,
You think that with a gesture you could cause the world to end,
I hate to burst your bubble but you'd better think again.

You don't matter you're a tiny little spot,
No-one gives a bugger if you kill yourself or not,
Your precious planet hasn't even noticed that you're here,
You're just a fluctuation in the mighty biosphere,

2. You talk of planets dying in predictions grim and grand,
And caused by intervention form your omnipotent hand,
I hate to disappoint you but it simply isn't true,
The cataclysm spoken of is just the end of you, and


3. All the plants and animals that you can see around,
On land or in the water, or high above the ground,
You're all just paying passengers and subject to the terms,
Dictated by a planet of bacteria and germs,


4. When this planet's barren and you think the place is dead,
We'll still be surviving in the darkest ocean bed,
From high above the ground down to the deepest buried springs
This planet will be flourishing with microscopic things.


5. You're just a decoration like a candle in the night,
An accidental product of the processes of life,
You're sometimes entertaining with your bold outrageous deeds,
But totally superfluous to all your planet's needs.


timing 44
A       /A       /D       /D       /
E       /E       /E       /A       /
A       /A       /D       /D       /
E       /E       /E       /A       //

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Who's in Charge?

Words parodied by Paul Spencer 2002
Original words and traditional English tune: "The Old Dun Cow"

1. Some friends and I in a public road, were playing hakisak one day,
When through the crowd, a loud copper's voice told us to go away,
"What's up?" says we, "Come and have a dance! Listen to the pumping beats!"
But the cops all stood there frowning in a row, while we reclaimed the streets, then

Out came Sarge, "Who's in charge? Who's the one that tells you what to do?"
"Guess! Guess!" we all replied, and laughed like children at the zoo,
Oh who needs a boss when we've all got brains, somebody shouted "You're a slave!"
And we all went on about anarchy and peace until the sergeant's patience gave.

2. Round the fire one night, what a clever plan! What a clever plan had we!
Down to the last little fine detail, it was sorted to a tee,
Then the cops burst in with an awful din and they knew us all by name,
And they questioned each of us one by one but it sounded just the same:


3. Some corporate chap with a forestry map pointed to an ancient spot,
Then he started smoking on a huge cigar and said "We'll take the lot."
"Hold on!" says we, and we stepped in the way, "Don't cut the old bush please!"
"Don't stick your trotters in the ancient stuff when we've got plantation trees!


4. One day there came such a mighty crash, half the stock exchange gave way,
Then everything pretty much fell to bits in a really nasty way,
So we grabbed some food and some sacks of loot and we nailed ourselves inside,
And we had to start a brand new world when no-one else survived, but


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Whip Them Like Convicts

Words by Paul Spencer, 2002
traditional Irish tune: "Planxty Irwin"

1. A bill to let gay folks adopt little children,
Created a fuss that spread out through the town,
They puffed out their chests and they claimed to be families,
How they did holler and jump up and down.

2. Now I stand for tolerance, peace and forgiveness,
I hold back my judgements and try to be kind,
But sometimes like now for the sake of the children
My tongue won't be still and I must speak my mind.

Take all these bigots, with homophobe children,
And whip them like convicts then drive them away,
Their festering brains are polluting my suburb,
Let's not be a place where it's hard to be gay.

3. These husbands and wives like to start little families,
Boxed up alone with a dog and some kids,
I don't have objections if that's how they like it,
But don't let them tell me that that's all there is.


4. It makes my heart sore when I see a child suffering,
Trapped in a home where the love has gone bad,
But pain turns to rage when a beautiful household,
Is shunned for the lack of a mum or a dad


5. Enjoy all your weddings you non-homosexuals,
Don't be ashamed of the love that you share,
But don't forget we haven't got all your choices,
So join in this chorus to show that you care.


timing 34
G     /C     /D7    /G     /
C     /G     /D     /D     /
G     /C     /D7    /G     /
C     /G     /G D   /G     /
G     /G     /D     /D     /
G     /D     /D C   /D    /
G     /C     /D7    /G     /
C     /G     /G D   /G     //

ABC code
I am coding this tune the wy I sing it for this song. As a waltz, you play all long notes where I have the same note a few times in a row.

T:Whip Them Like Convicts
D |GGF |EFG |DDC |B,A,>G, |
CCA, |B,CD [1F,F,G, |A,2 :[GAF |G3|
G>GF |EF>G |DDC |B,<A,G, |
CCA, |B,CD |G,>A,F, |G,2 |

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War's a Game for Powermongers

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2003

1. There's a rumour of conscription hanging round at number Ten,
But no-one's been on telly with the how and why and when,
Nonetheless I found I fretted, but only for a while,
And then I started thinking with a slightly crooked smile:

Come on then, conscript me, you'll wish you never did,
I'm a can of worms, be my guest take off the lid,
For war's a game for power-mongers, not for folks like me,
And if you force it on me watch how peaceful I can be.

2. I'll chat about the havoc war will wreak on people's lives,
And I'll ask who'll tell their girlfriend about raping Muslim wives,
I'll call it Gulf War Syndrome every time I have a cold,
And I'll answer "Whose life is it?" when I don't like what I'm told.


3. I'll talk so much of bums that all the men will think I'm gay,
But even if you ask I won't be certain either way,
I'll never fail to squeak and jump each time the sergeant yells,
And I'll never learn to shoot a gun or launch a mortar shell...


4. I'll rant about the biosphere and how we're all just one,
And every morning my religion says I must salute the sun,
I'll sew patches on my uniform of rainbows doves and trees,
And I'll skip instead of walking, and I'll march with wobbly knees...


timing 44
D       /E       /D       /A       /
D       /Gmaj7   /F#sus4  /F#sus4  /
Bm      /F#m     /G       /A       /
Bm      /Bm      /D   G   /A       /
Dmaj7   /Gmaj7   /Dmj7Amj7/Bm maj6 /
Go7     /C#m (B) /(F#)(G#)/C#m     /
Bm      /A   D   /D   G   /(E) E5+4/
(A) (E) /(F#)(E) /E6      /E5+4//

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
FFFE F<C2C |DDB,>D E3E |DDDC DB,2B, |DDB,<B, A,4 |
D<CD>B, GF2z/2C/2 |DC^G,<A, B,4 |G>GFE ^G2FE |FCC>B C3F |
F>FED E>FED |F>AGF E3A, |A,A,B,>A, CB,EE |ECE>F E4 |z7 E |:
FFFE F<C2C |DDB,>D E3E |DDDC DB,2B, |DDB,<B, A,4 |
D<CD>B, GF2z/2C/2 |DC^G,<A, B,4 |G>GFE ^G2FE |FCC>B C3F |
F>FED E>FED |F>AGF E3A, |A,A,B,>A, CB,EE |ECE>F E4 |[1z7 E :|[2z7 |

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A Supermarket Bounty

Words and music by Paul Spencer 2003

1. A tiny yellow chicken struggles out into the light,
And stands among the remnants of its shell,
It makes a sound then,
And all the other hatchlings do as well,
They look around them,
Closeted in warmth and electronic day and night.

2. At five days old a hand comes in and grabs her by the neck,
And throws her in the mouth of some machine,
It burns her beak off.
The pain so great it silences her scream,
Too cruel to speak of,
She's not been hatched a week yet and already she's a wreck.

3. The males don't get tortured in the stories that I've read,
They're tumbled through the gassing room to die,
But not discarded,
Ground down and then left a while to dry,
Then coarsely powdered,
To supplement the diet that the living birds are fed.

4. It's squatting by the chute that spills the food into its cage,
Guarding so the others can't be first,
It cannot walk,
Its breast and thighs are swollen fit to burst,
To fill your fork,
And packed with pharmaceuticals and artificial sage.

5. Then one day an electric shock they hope will knock it cold,
Upside-down and slaughtered with a knife,
Bled and gutted,
There's a supermarket bounty on its life,
It's stuffed and buttered,
And the purpose of its life will be revealed when it's sold.

6. The carcass sits in silence in the cold-aisle for a week,
The use-by on the label says today,
So in the garbage,
They throw it out still in the plastic tray,
The fucking garbage!

Dm      /Dm      /C      /C      /
Bb      /Bb      /A       /A       /
A       /A       / (short line)
Bb      /Bb      /G       /G       /
E       /E       / (short line)
F       /F       /C       /Am       //

ABC code
T:A Supermarket Bounty
C:Paul Spencer
D/2| DDDC DEDD| CCCB, C3C| B,B,B,C DDCB,| A,4 z3A,| A,B,^CA, z3A,|
B,B,B,C DDCB,| D4 z3E| E^F^GE2 z2E|

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Alot Like You
skip the rant
This song only has meaning if you are looking at things from a perspective where there seem to be heaps of different classes:
- the ruling class who are people like the World Trade Organisation and any huge CEOs that doesn't aleady include
- the upper class, who are just rich wankers with expensive cars and silly accents
- the middle class who are the desperately pretentious yet affluent people who, at their peak of political activity, say derisive things about the state of the labour party and buy organic food,
- the working class, who are resigned to their position, even take pride in their lowliness and what's more are racist and uncivilised,
- the lower class, who are unemployed, sometimes homeless and either alcoholically belligerent or tragically proud (but still prob. alcoholic)
- and the lower class: the scum who take all the drugs and commit all the crimes.

Given this not-ucommon-enough analysis, this song has relevance. Of course for most political purposes, it is enough to divide people into the powerful and the powerless; in many cases it's even living things against the machine.

Words parodied by Paul Spencer, 2003
tune and original words: "Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees" by Tracy Harvey

1. I've thought about the word a couple of times or maybe more,
I've asked my mates and had debates but still I'm not quite sure,
So when my friends all ask me the class in which I fall,
I tell them right away:

I'm in a class without a name yet,
I'm not the same,
Yet in a way or two I'm alot like you,
If you're the working poor, or skint and unemployed,
Or even middle class.

2. Well my parents were both workers, and I was brought up poor,
But educated more,
An HSC and a half-degree, later on I travelled 'round,
Working to survive, if I found no other way.


3. There's a talk of revolution which I find a little strange,
But this scary New World Order, well it's totally deranged,
I'd trade them all tomorrow for a simple social change,
Where we help each other live.


4. Some people like their politics with fences all around,
Others sit and criticise and some stay underground,
But me, I'll work with anyone whose attitude is sound
And who does not buy all the crap.


I don't actually know the chords for this one yet. To be honest, I don't know how to sing the tune properly to work them out because it's so long since I heard it sung.

now read the rant after all

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You're Paranoid Too

words by Paul Spencer 2003
no tune yet, timing in 5

1. Paranoid! Look at me try to hide,
Running away from danger, afraid to go outside,
But you're not looking, you avoid me I avoid you,
Because just like everyone you're paranoid too.

I should think we're paranoid, petrified of everything,
Look at what we have to deal with every day,
Everywhere we go someone's hassling helping offering questioning,
Voices in our heads don't you want thm to all go away?

2. Television! Tell me the dreadful news,
Who wants to take my money to buy the drugs they use,
The ads address me personally, make eye contact and smile,
And the ones they mail me say they've got me on file.


3. Shopping mall, watching me buy my food,
Doors that slide back in welcome, the signs add to the mood,
They're filming what I steal and they're counting what I buy
Because I'm so intriguing they cannot help but spy.


4. Everyone, waiting to talk to me,
Men in ties know my surname and say "Desk number three",
The man who sells the Big Issue looks sad and calls me Sir
And it seems it's only for me all things occur.


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Be a Crap Vegan
I have a faint suspicion that this might actually be a crap song. I'm thinking of rewriting it. In the meantime, here it is. I'm happy with the first two verses.

Words and music by Paul Spencer 2004

1. [3/4] Poor people starve from the moment they're born,
Working all day growing soya and corn,
At the end of the year they're still broke and forlorn,
[4/4] And the food gets eaten by cows and pigs.

2. [3/4] Dairy cows dying of nasty infections,
Caused by too many caesarian sections,
And the torture of chickens I don't need to mention,
[4/4] You already know what the answer is:

Gotta go vegan, I went vegan,
Fucking go vegan too!
The industry of animals is as filthy as they come,
And meat's not even good for you.

3. [3/4] "But I can't give up bacon" you're crying to me,
"And what can I do when my Dad cooks for me?"
"And I can't stand how soymilk goes curdled in tea,"
[4/4] Well the answer's easy and it goes like this:

Be a crap vegan, I'm a crap vegan,
Be a crap vegan too!
I eat about a twentieth of the flesh I ate before,
And I reckon that will do.

4. [3/4] So now I police myself watching with care,
And on random occasions, I'll just eat what's there,
But when it's a habit, I'll come more prepared,
[4/4] And if you get snooty this is what I'll hiss:


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Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2004

1. You can see them sometimes staring, looking to the future with a faraway gaze,
[Chorus:] Dreamers, so out of touch!
Or eyes ablaze, inciting you to war
[Chorus:] Could be dangerous!
Or sometimes just proclaiming things, bad ideas you've heard and laughed at twenty times before
[Chorus:] Such ideals, poor sad fools!

2. They think that rank and power, are somehow earned by excellence and should be obeyed,
[Chorus:] Dreamers, so out of touch!
That once they're made, the rules are good and true,
[Chorus:] Could be dangerous!
And if we all obey the law, everything we do will be the proper thing to do,
[Chorus:] Such ideals, poor sad fools.

3. They're careful to be normal, they think they'll find the shining path to happiness there,
They never dare, to stand outside the crowd,
They think that with democracy, there's no need to stand up and express ourselves aloud,

4. They believe we should surrender, to people who are legally obliged to be cruel,
They have a rule, don't get me involved,
Just leave it to the powerful, eventually they'll fix things and our problems will be solved,

5. They think we've made things equal, we've cured all the bigots with a change in the law,
So ever more, there's no need to complain,
If no-one ever mentions it, sexist racist homophobes won't trouble us again,

6. You can hear them sometimes talking, standing up for fascists with a satisfied grin,
They want him in, to help them feel calm,
They think that he'll look after them, tuck them in at curfew time and rescue them from harmn

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
D>D |CCDE FD3 |EEEF GFEE |F4/3E4/3F4/3 G4 |
C G5 z2 |A4/3G4/3F4/3 G2zG |
G>A G4 zG |EEE>F E3z |
[M:6/4]z2D>E F>ED2 z3A |
[M:4/4]AAA>G A>FF2 |EEED ECC>C |D<DD>C D3z |
G2A2 AD3 |C4 B4 |[M:6/4]A8 z2 |

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The verse about drugs might seem a bit superfluous. I tried to write a verse about how women's liberation and the gay rights movements started as fierce freedom movements and have been gradually diluted into lobbies for employment conditions and things,also one about how rock and roll was once radical music but they didn't work. That just left the drugs verse among all the other very broad political ones. Oh well.

Words and music by Paul Spencer, 2004

1. Remember when democracy meant freedom?
It used to mean equality and liberty and even things llike peace and love and sharing were implied,
Now it means a ballot box to vote for thugs in suits,
But I'm still holding onto it, remembering the roots and all the dreams it signified.

2. Anarchy was once a word for freedom,
They didn't want a government to serve 'em or to lead 'em and together was the nicest way to be,
Now it means a riot burning cars and looting shops,
Or lots of punks and hippies getting trampled by the cops but still the word means peace to me.

3. Communist once meant you stood for freedom,
Complete emancipation by the careful use of reason and of course by revolution in the end,
Now it means authority and total state control,
I use it still the old way but the autocrats who stole it make it tricky to defend.

4. It seems to me that drugs were once for freedom,
For learning and adventure trip for fun not 'cause you need 'em and they made you see the world a different way,
Now it's crack and junk supplied by gagnsters to the poor,
But I still choose my headstate sometimes sober sometimes more inclined to twist and float away.

5. At one time national sovereignty meant freedom,
It meant throwing off the tyranny of empires it meant freedom to return to more anarchic days of old,
Now it's civil war as small dictators fight for power,
But I think underneath a seed of new life waits to flower yes in spite of what we're told.

6. It's better when we all just work for freedom,
All the queer anarcho socialist disabled coloured vegan pagan female libertarians and me,
We're trying to spread ideas not just a slogan or a name,
And deep and complex arguments are harder to defame for all the bigots on TV.

ABC code
C:Paul Spencer
G,G,G,G, A,G,G,G,| CCCB, C3C|
DDDC DB,B,B,| CCCB, CA,A,A,| B,B,CA, B4|z7 :|

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